b'STRATEGIES FOR MAKING RACIAL & SOCIAL EQUITY IMPROVEMENTS4 5 6Build trust with allPromote/advocate forNormalize people , especially peoplediversity injusticesystem conversations about of color and disenfranchisedleaders,includingjudicialofficers, racial and social equity andmarginalizedgroups, prosecutors,lawenforcement, across the judicial branch, in collaboration with justiceetc. to ensure leaders &withjusticesystemandsystemandcommunity employeesreflectthediversityin communitypartners,andpartners. thecommunitiestheyserve. withincommunities.7 8Lead efforts to increaseImplement consistent andSee the Branchs equity , consistency, andpredictable processes Operational Plan for predictability within andacross all courts.specific initiatives that are across courts and withbeing worked on related to external partners.this Strategic Goal. SECTION3:STRATEGICGOALSANDSTRATEGIES 31'