b'Strategic Goal 4PUBLIC TRUST & UNDERSTANDINGPublic trust and confidence in governmental institutions, including the judicial branch, have been on the decline for decades.IT IS TIME TO REVERSE THIS TREND.Educatingaboutandmaintainingtrustandconfidence in the judicial branch are essential to protecting theruleoflaw,maintainingacivilsociety,andpreservingourdemocracy.Michigan courts deliver justice for all by providing access, protecting rights, resolving disputes, and applying the law under the Constitution (MISSION). Thejudicialsystemstrivestobeaccessibletoalland trusted by all (VISION).Remainingindependent,beingfairandimpartial,respondingtoneeds,beingaccountableforconductandperformance,and Click here to see the Branchs being transparent in the use of public resourcesOperational Plan, which shows (CORE VALUES) are the bedrock for increasingthe strategic initiatives underway understandingandbuildingandmaintainingthe related to this Strategic Goal.publicstrustandconfidence.32 20222025 STRATEGIC AGENDA PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE OF THE MICHIGAN JUDICIAL SYSTEM'